What is Divorce Resistance?

Preserving our children's future

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Divorce is often considered as a personal lifestyle choice, or even a liberating experience. Many people consider divorce as a necessary evil at worst, the result of a marriage that "just didn't work out". The general public has an awareness of the high divorce rate in the USA and many other countries, but certainly it is not considered a major problem by most people who are not directly involved in it. After all, everybody "knows" that kids will be better off from a divorce than from an "unhappy" marriage of their parents. Nobody can deny that divorce is necessary in a few cases such as abuse. But now, social science evidence is making it clear that most divorces are unnecessary, and that they do terrible damage to the children and have a huge cost to society.

As the family breaks down in American society, millions of children grow up without the guidance of two committed parents. They are at a severe disadvantage in their lives in many ways. Our society's future is failing along with our children's future. The failure of the institution of marriage is one of the greatest challeges of our time.

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What can we do, both as individuals and as a society? Here are some ideas:

-- Prepare for marriage

-- Build a stronger marriage

-- Rescue a troubled marriage

-- Defend against an unjust No-Fault divorce to protect your children and yourself
Sub-sections discuss Mediation, how to try to keep child custody, and how to try to keep your marital home despite the injustice of our family law system. A newer section discusses how co-parenting programs tell you to talk to your children, and a better way to talk to older children honestly. A Glossary might help you to get start with an understanding of some of the terms that you might need to learn quickly if you are suddenly faced with a surprise divorce, and the links point to more info which might help.

-- Deter unnecessary divorce through building a more just society
(sub-sections discuss No-Fault divorce, Acceptance of adultery, Father's rights, Misuse of Domestic Violence Laws, Unfair Child Support laws, and taking heart from a comparison of anti-smoking efforts of the 1960s and anti-divorce efforts of today .)

In recent years, signs of hope come from the Marriage Education movement, the Father's Rights movement, and initiatives of many religious organizations. My index of links provides a gateway to other websites on the Internet. Also, I have reviews of some the books which I have read.

About this website

February 2017: This website has been online for nearly seven years. Traffic is decreasing because I don't have time to make regular updates; not sure if I will continue it or not. Divorces are still doing horrendous damage to society and children, but serious efforts for divorce reform are gradually fading. Recent statistics show a falling divorce rate but fail to mention that this is because more couples are cohabiting and never legally married in the first place. National Parent's Organizatin and ACFC have acheived some reforms for equal parenting, spousal support, and child support reforms. VAWA 2013 has improvement of gender-neutrality of domestic violence. But divorce reform such as the Parental Divorce Reduction Action of Coalation for Divorce Reform hasn't made any progress yet. Even the most modest legislative proposals to try curb unnecessary divorces have been crushed, and public discussions have been dominated by pro-divorce viewpoints. A website to offer resistance to divorce trends in society is needed now more than ever.

Resistance to divorce doesn't mean fighting against your (ex-)spouse; it means resistance to the culture of divorce in our society. It means trying to build your own marriage to resist the threat of divorce, trying to save your marriage even if your spouse wants to end it, resisting an unfair divorce should one be filed unilaterally by your spouse, and helping to build a society that resists divorce. Though resisting your spouse's divorce won't save your marriage and won't be easy for you, it will help to make a better and more humane society, where kids come first and divorce is not taken for granted.

This is not about forcing people to stay in homes they want to leave -- that would be slavery not marriage. Nor is it condoning domestic violence. Anybody should be able to walk out the door of their home without fear of retailation

I am not a lawyer and nothing on this site should be considered as legal advice. I am not selling anything, nor asking for donations. I'm just an ordinary guy who wants to make a difference.

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