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My name is anonymous to protect the interests of my kids, but this section will tell my background a little to help you understand this website.

I have a Master's degree in Psychology, but due to practical considerations I didn't complete my PhD in Psychology and my professional career has always been in Information Technology. (So I know a little HTML.) Although I'm not a psychologist, I think that am able to evaluate the quality of studies and books a little. I was happily married for almost 24 years, until my wife had an affair with a millionaire and decided to divorce me. My divorce process included legal processes for custody. She once called the police on false domestic violence claims, but fortunately my kids were old enough to verify that there was no violence so the police just left. My divorce process took more than 2 1/2 years. I won primary custody of my two kids who were teenagers at the time but have since gone away to college in other states. Now I am re-married. I won primary custody of my two teenage kids who lived with me until going away to college, My now-grown children still enjoy a good relationship with their mother who is helping to support their college.

I have a religious background which my coreligionists will recognize, but I need to be very clear that this website does not represent the views of any particular religion. Likewise, I strongly support Coalition for Divorce Reform, National Parents Organization (formerly Fathers and Families), and American Coalition of Fathers and Children (ACFC), but they each have their own websites and I do not represent them. Also, I am a strong supporter of marriage education as espoused by websites such as Smart Marriages and Marriage Transformation, but I think that the full solution needs to involve law as well as personal development.

One more thing: I am committed to not earn one penny from divorce, so there is no advertising on this site (though I acknowledge free software used.). If you want to make donations, please give them to Coalition for Divorce Reform, National Parents Organization, or ACFC, not to me. I have a day job to help pay for the web hosting and the .info domain name. It is .info not .com because it really it is informational not commercial in any way.

This website was developed with entirely with freeware tools. Sun Open Office was used to prepare and organize it, then CoffeeCup's free HTML editor was used to prepare each webpage. Photos and images were all obtained from the excellent Stock.xchng website -- so check with them for permissions to use photos and images not with me.

Comments may be sent to webmaster@divorceresistance.info