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All-in-One Marriage Prep,
Compiled by Susanne Alexander

My book review

All-in-One Marriage Prep cover

This book is a collection of articles on the general topics of Marriage and Relationship Education by many authors. It is organized into sections on certain topics – such as preparing as individuals, Appreciating Diversity, Cohabitation, communications, and stepfamilies. Now that I've been studying marriage and divorce, following a few websites for a couple of years, and gotten Prepare/Enrich certified myself, some of the names have become familiar to me. These include John Van Epp, Peter Larson, Mike McManus, Claudia and David Arp, my own Prepare/Enrich instructor Rita DeMaria, and others. Of course, a couple of the articles are written by Susanne Alexander herself.

In many cases, the articles are very short summaries of concepts which are explained more fully in separate books. For example, this compilation includes an article “Dating Can Help you Prepare for your Future” in the section “Knowing One Another”. This is by Claudia and David Arp, which introduct, which is a short summary of their book Ten Great Dates Before You Say I Do. Susanne's own ideas about Character Qualities are summarized in her own articles, but explained more fully in a complete program in her book Can We Dance? and others which are specific to certain kinds of couples.

This is a good book for getting overviews and different perspectives on a variety of topics, though most people won't read through it cover to cover. The two sections about Understanding Sex and Cohabitation are especially interesting because authors from many different backgrounds give advice which is contrary to the general culture of modern American society.

The website www.AllInOneMarriagePrep.com has testimonials for this book, more information about the 75 experts who contributed (and many links to their books), and a link to buy a copy of it.