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This list is sorted into five general categories:

  1. Marriage education: helping us learn how to create stronger and more divorce-resistant marriages, and how to solve marital problems without divorce. These resources cover Preparation for Marriage, Building Stronger Marriages, and Rescuing Trouble marriages. See those pages of my website for a few more links and book recommendations.
  2. Religion-based initiatives for either marriage education or family law reform. These have much overlap with the first group, but religions have additional incentive to protect families. Nearly every religion offers Marriage Encounter groups; the Roman Catholic Church in particular does much more.
  3. Information about divorce laws in each state -- critical information which you need right away if a divorce is filed against you, before spending money on a lawyer.
  4. Father’s rights groups and family law reform
  5. Other useful sites about prevention of divorce and saving families

I. Marriage Education
A. General info for marriage preparation, strengthening marriage, and rescuing marriages:
Smart Marriages -- by Diane Sollee. You can subscribe to her e-newsletter and read some great articles
Marriage Transformation -- character-based relationships, by Susanne Alexander
Elizabeth Marquardt's Family Scholars website and its forum is now closed down, but its papers are still available from its parent organization, Institute for American Values
Prepare/Enrich Training and Certification program I'm proud to say that I was certified myself on April 2013
National Healthy Marriage Resource Center
ICEEFT International Center for Excellence in Emotion-Focused Therapy, started by Dr. Sue Johnson (author of Hold Me Tight)
Gottman Relationship Institute
www.marriagesavers.org, – by Mike Manus; many links to great articles and books by Mike and Harriet Manus who won the Smart Marriages impact award.
Divorce Busting -- from Michelle Weiner-Davis, author of the book of the same name
California Healthy Marriage Coalition -- a well-structured and strong organization, in the state which was the first to adopt No-Fault divorce laws 40 years ago.
An interesting and encouraging report from CHMC

B. Finding marriage-friendly therapists:
www.marriagefriendlytherapists.com , directory of experienced professionals committed to family values.
www.theravive.com, another directory of professional counselors who claim commitment to family values
Masters in Counselling has links to lots of other resources as well.

C. Marriage recovery from infidelity:
Beyond Affairs
Top 9 Signs that your spouse is cheating on you -- one of the few good articles about adultery, by Cathy Meyer who is also on the Coalition for Divorce Reform

II. Religion-based initiatives
A. Roman Catholic:
For your marriage
Catholic Marriage Preparation, Inc. -- marriage training for Catholic couples planning to marry
Retrouvaille -- a Catholic-originated program to help any couples heal and renew their marriages
Article about opposition to No-Fault in New York -- The Catholic Church was "a voice in the wilderness" against No-Fault Divorce in New York, the last state to sell out to No-Fault. Though the efforts ultimately failed, Catholics should be proud that they took a stand.

B. Protestant Christian:
Christian resources for preventing divorce
Family Life
Methodist Marriage encounters
Worldwide Marriage Encounter Episcopal Expression

C. Jewish:
FAQ about Jewish attitudes towards divorce

D. Islamic:
Muslim Marriage Contract

E. Bahá'i:
Baha'i Faith Relationships and Marriage

F. Mormon (Church of Latter-Day Saints):
Mormon Celestial Marriage -- Mormons have a concept of “Temple weddings” which is more sanctified than a civil wedding. Divorce of a temple wedding is possible but difficult
Love, Dating, Marriage, and Morality: The Latter-day Saint Way -- more info about Mormon attitudes towards the sanctity of marriage. (BTW, Mormons disavowed polygamy in 1890.)

G. Hinduism:
Ideals of Hindu Marriage

H. Buddhism:
Buddhist Views on Marriage

III. Legal Information about Divorce
DivorceSupport.com -- much information about state laws, legal terms, finding lawyers and mediators, etc, as well as a very active online forum
About.com's DivorceSupport -- smaller but less pro-divorce than divorcesupport.com or divorcenet.com
DivorceNet Similar to DivorceSupport.com. A little smaller but it has some informative articles by lawyers.
Divorce Preparation Checklist
5 tips to avoid a long, expensive divorce

IV. Father's Rights and Domestic Violence Fraud
American Coalition for Fathers and Children -- one of the more established groups, active in both helping families in trouble and family law reform
National Parents Organization -- currently the most active Father's Rights group for legislative reform and raising public awareness of the issues
National Father’s Resource Center aka Fathers4Kids
Dad's Divorce -- divorce advice for fathers
DV Fraud Resistance -- a new Facebook group highlighting the problem of false domestic violence charges
And here's a great article about it written by a woman in a mainstream media

V. Other sites about preventing/reforming divorce:
Coalition for Divorce Reform -- The advisory board consists of many of the big names in divorce prevention and reform, such as Michelle Weiner-Davis, Mike McManus, Cathy Meyer, and John Crouch, who collectively have vast experience with saving marriages.
Divorce Corp. -- introducing a book and a movie expoing the inner workings of the divorce industry
Beverly Willett's website -- a writer and lawyer involved in divorce reform
Divorce and Children -- resources for helping children through divorce
Index of Injustice -- a great new site of personal stories of divorce victims