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Website revision history

What happened and what's going to happen


Version 0.9 -- April 12, 2011 -- first upload for beta review

During beta testing, I re-wrote Defend, Child Support, the review of Between Two Worlds, added more info about Prepare-Enrich marriage education and about current social science research, added quotations to all pages, added a web hits counter, did some website format improvements, and did general clean-up and editing of the text content of all pages.

Version 1.0 -- June 26, 2011 -- Not "finished" and it probably never will be, but it is good enough to start promoting it a bit.

After 1.0:

July 16, 2011 -- finished the review of Abolition of Marriage

July 26, 2011 -- Created a Facebook page

Sept 25, 2011 -- linking to Coalition for Divorce Reform on the main page; lack of response so far to this website

March 11, 2012 -- fixing a link in Tobacco.html

May 13, 2012 -- new URL of Coalition for Divorce Reform, deleted Facebook page

July 29, 2013 -- editing/updating of title page and Scope of the Problem; references to some new studies

Sept 27, 2013 -- Added books reviews of Susanne Alexander's books and 10 Great Date. Added links to them. Edited Prepare for Marriage page.

Nov 10, 2013 -- deleted a broken link in Prepare

Dec. 24, 2013 -- minor corrections in Adultery and Tobacco analogy

Jan. 2, 2014 -- added review of The Forever Initiative

March 2, 2014 -- new section about co-parenting and dicussions with children

March 16, 2014 -- added a link to www.mastersincounseling.org/marriage-family-therapy.html

September 7, 2014 -- updated Links page

Sept 21, 2014 -- Removed more broken links and did minor editing on a few pages. Changed "Family Scholars" to Institute of American Values. Minor corrections and updates throughout.

January 15, 2015 -- updated About the Author

April 10, 2016 -- removed the notice of the "new" 2014 section; fixed some typos.

April 16, 2016 -- deleted a paragraph "Attitudes in Modern Psychology from Acceptance of Adultury page; small change on Mediation discussion

April 18, 2016 -- updated Links page; added links to DivorceCorp.com and DV Fraud Resistance facebook group (Still working on a general rewrite.)

April 24, 2016 -- finished a general update especially Index, Scope, Defend, Father's Rights, and Domestic Violence. New Footer on all pages.

Februay 5, 2017 -- added two links, deleted some broken links, small updates of index page

Future Planning

Continue to check and update the Links page

Paragraph in Adultery about "Spousal support to unfaithful spouses" -- discuss Canada supreme court ruling, PA law, and California

Adding this site to online search engines

Separation of effects of divorce on children from effects of out-of-wedlock births.

Re-write some of the second person sentences to third person

replace some of the stock photos with better ones

Change main body from sans-serif to Times Roman font

Fix HTML error on all pages: The align attribute on the img element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.

Look into HTML5 shim javascript; can it be done without HTML5 and still look OK?